Our approach to building is tried and true with each project. All customers come to us with a dream or a vision. Some have a house plan with no idea where to build; some have a place to build but no idea what type of house they would like to be in. The one common thing they all have in common is that they want the home of their dreams with a pleasant building experience to go along with it.

The first steps of our process are site and lot selections as plan and design selections. Donnie or Ryan can assist you from the beginning with the type of home you would like to build. We have built anything from a craftsman cottage to a European manor. We can offer suggestions from past projects to give small or big style oriented details to help set your home off.

Once site selection and home plans have been selected we then begin with the pricing and budgeting requesting that each customer give us a wish list so we can accurately price each home. Though we may give word-of-mouth quote by giving a price per square foot, we never base a final contract price this way. We feel it is important to methodically take each set of plans with a customer’s wish list and prepare and quote and a budget to ensure a realistic quote is given.

Once construction begins Donnie and Ryan, or both are a part of the process from permitting to handing over the keys. Donnie and Ryan are on site daily meeting with sub-contractors and ensuring each trade is properly performing and making things happen the way they were agreed upon. We feel it is important to be on the job each day because so many details are involved in building a home. Though we employee what we feel are the greatest sub-contractors available, we also feel that communication and supervision is the key to delivering the most desirable homes.

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What We Do

  • Help with design
  • Jobsite management
  • Hands on approach
  • Weekly meetings
  • Offer a true custom home experience
  • Tailor your budget with your home