We are also a full service remodeling company. We do major interior and exterior renovation as well as additions. Our scope of remodeling and renovations ranges from changing flooring and countertops to major renovations such as tearing out walls and changing rooflines.

When remodeling an existing home it is important to have a contractor who will be there regularly to not just take care of the actual work at hand, but to look after the rest of your house and keep the mess down. Remodeling and adding on to an existing house can be rather annoying to the customer, but Vaughn Construction and Renovation LLC does a great job of going above and beyond to keep the job site immaculate during the course of the project. We have served many satisfied customers on remodels who thought there job was going to be a nightmare. After it was all said and done they never knew it could be done so easily.

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What We Do

  • Help with design
  • Jobsite management
  • Hands on approach
  • Weekly meetings
  • Offer a true custom home experience
  • Tailor your budget with your home